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Anchorcert Diamond Grading Laboratory

AnchorCert is the only UK based Diamond and Gemstone Certification, Grading and Testing Service which is backed by the professional expertise and experience of The Birmingham Assay Office.


AnchorCert Diamond and Gemstone Certification is provided by highly qualified Gemmologists and Diamond Graders from its Centre of Excellence in Birmingham.


The Birmingham laboratory is the first UK diamond certification service to receive accreditation to ISO 17025 from UKAS.


AnchorCert provides independent, expert reports and certification of diamonds and precious gemstones to the UK jewellery trade and its customers


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AnchorCert has a fully equipped diamond grading laboratory located within The Birmingham Assay Office building.


The industry leading state-of-the-art gemmological instruments range from the tried and tested 10 x diamond magnification lens to the sophisticated Raman spectrometer. Continuing technological Investment keeps the laboratory at the forefront of diamond grading in the UK.


All stones sent to AnchorCert are screened to ensure they are natural. The Laboratory is able to detect and identify synthetic diamonds and HPHT treated stones as well as enhancements ranging from laser drilling and fracture filled stones to colour treated diamonds.