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Consumer Recycled Diamonds

The ‘'Urban Diamond Mine'’


We source our diamonds direct from the public -  “the 'Urban Diamond Mine'”


Often, a privately held diamond is inherited or becomes unwanted and so needs to be sold


There are many millions of privately owned '‘already mined' diamonds’ above ground, already cut and polished. These diamonds are all shapes and sizes.


With our expertise, these diamonds are recycled back into the jewellery supply chain, thereby helping reduce the ethical and environmental issues associated with rough diamond mining and ‘blood diamonds’.

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Consumer Recycled Diamonds 


Our ‘'consumer recycled' diamonds’ are the most ecologically friendly, natural diamonds available.


All our diamonds are submitted to independant diamond grading laboratories, such as GIA, for assessment and grading


We then remodel and distribute our recycled diamonds direct to jewellery manufactures, retailers, and diamond dealers and direct to our own investment and retail clients

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Kimberley process


We are a UK registered Limited Company, proud to be full members of the British Jewellers’ Association


As diamond dealers and manufacturers we follow the ‘best practice principles’ of the DTC and the Kimberley Process


Rapaport Ethical Diamond Certification - press release Aug '11


"The Rapaport Group will be introducing and implementing a certification system for ethical diamonds

....................."Different ethical grades will be provided with the highest grade reserved for fair trade diamonds that provide economic beneficiation to artisanal miners. Recycled diamonds will receive the next highest grade followed by ethical diamonds from known sources that comply with ethical mining, production and environmental standards