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ARE YOU SHOPPING FOR A DIAMOND?................our exclusive DIAMOND BUYER'S REPORT will tell you what your chosen diamond is REALLY worth!


As one of the UK’s leading Diamond Buyers, we are asked every day …….....“what’s my diamond worth?”..............the diamond industry is changing fast– the internet is making it easier than ever for you to find your perfect diamond at the price you want to pay………………….but DID YOU KNOW that in most cases, the diamond you buy may lose up to HALF IT’S VALUE as soon as you click or leave the shop!

Even worse……………………if you choose a diamond that is graded by the seller themselves - (called a ‘self-certificate’) - rather than by an INDEPENDENT DIAMOND GRADING LABORATORY, such as GIA, HRD, IGI or ANCHORCERT, it is very likely that your real diamond grades may be MUCH LOWER and as a result, the diamond will be worth a lot less than you think!


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If you are about to spend ££££thousands on a diamond......you NEED our free,exclusive Diamond Buyer's Report!


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Our report will tell you what your chosen diamond is REALLY worth  - we will tell you it's current inter-trade price and how much it will be worth to us - as a trade-in. We'll also tell you if we can supply a similar or better diamond cheaper! and how considering one of our quality assured, pre-owned diamonds could SAVE YOU MONEY!


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