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What We Do - Our QC Procedures

When a diamond ring arrives at our offices it goes through a rigorous process of tests and analysis before we can offer it for resale. Although every diamond is different , the stages of quality control and assessment procedures are similar


•The diamond arrives and is photographed, measured and entered onto our unique internal tracking system. A unique internal tracking number is allocated to the diamond which stays with it until sold

•Every diamond is data scanned and cross-referenced  against police stolen records to ensure that it is not registered as stolen

•Each diamond is then passed to our own in-house diamond manufacturing expert for detailed assessment and expert analysis. At this stage, the diamond’s condition is determined and its path through our workshop is planned.  Every diamond is thoroughly cleaned, sterilised and polished – some require some remedial work such as re-faceting or re-cutting.

•If a diamond already has a laboratory diamond report, it’s dimensions, measurements and grades are all thoroughly checked against its report

•If a diamond requires independent certification, it will be booked out and sent to GIA in USA, or Anchorcert in Birmingham for independent assessment and grading

•Once the diamond is complete and ready for offer for sale, the next step is for high quality digital images to be prepared for inclusion on our website. We never ‘enhance’ the photos and we only use photos of the diamond for sale – not stock photos

•All our diamonds are stored in secure ‘deep vault’ until sold


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