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Handmade jewellery.....Set with a diamond

We use English sourced diamonds in our 'Set with a diamond' range.


Each diamond is hand picked and hand-set by skilled jewellers in our workshop in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter.












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English sourced diamonds - 'Set with a diamond'


It all started when Mrs Enderby came into our showroom to sell some of her unwanted jewellery. She told us the history of all the various pieces.


They were old-fashioned designs from the 60's and 70's - yellow gold and very 'fussy' - but the diamonds in them, although small, were very bright and beautiful!


All the items had been purchased from the jeweller's shop in the local market town - closed now - and each piece had been hand selected by the jeweller to display in his shop window to his valued local clients who trusted his knowledge.


She told us that the jewellery had been chosen for birthdays or special occasions, and that each item had been worn and enjoyed at the various village & family events, on seaside holidays and on trips into the local English countryside


Mrs Enderby was happy with her sale to us and said that she intended to give the money raised to her grandchildren for Christmas


We thought how lovely it would be to harvest these 'English sourced' diamonds and to reset and remodel them into new jewellery for our clients today, where possible giving a little of the history of the diamond used with each piece.




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